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Cookie Policy

Introduction to Cookies

Cookies are minuscule data fragments saved in text format, placed on your device when browsing websites. Their primary function is to recall user preferences for either a single browsing session (via "session cookies") or over multiple visits (via "persistent cookies"). Cookies aid in providing visitors with a seamless experience and vital functions, like enabling user authentication. They can be set by the website you visit ("first party cookies") or by third-party services ("third party cookies"). Additionally, sites and HTML emails may use "web beacons" or "pixels" for statistical insights. These transparent, small images often work in tandem with cookies, but they aren't stored the same way. If you deactivate cookies, these beacons may still operate, albeit with limited functions.

Why Seamless Agency Uses Cookies

We use cookies to collect essential user information, ensuring our website's optimal performance. The data gathered enhances user content preferences, helps track our performance, and fosters a better and more interactive user experience. Our primary objective is to refine our services to be more user-centric.

Types of Cookies We Employ

  1. Essential Cookies: Imperative for basic functionalities, like allowing authenticated users to access account features and preserving items in online shopping carts for ecommerce operations.
  2. Functional Cookies: Vital for our website's efficiency. They remember user preferences, including account details, chosen language, and geographic location.
  3. Analytical Cookies: These collect insights on user-website interactions. They help us comprehend our site's traffic, popular pages, and areas for improvement, ensuring users get a better experience. We utilize:
  4. Google Analytics to trace website interactions, understand our ad campaign effectiveness, and obtain data, such as IP addresses. This data is stored by Google in the US. Google may share this information under legal obligations or with third parties processing data on their behalf. Seamless Agency has limited control over Google's use of this data and has not permitted Google to use Analytics data for other Google services.

Granting Consent

European Union visitors may encounter a "cookie banner." Before consent, neither we nor our ad partners set targeted advertising cookies. By granting permission, third-party advertising cookies are enabled to serve personalized ads. You can review your decision at intervals via the displayed banner. Our cookie collects data on user interactions with websites in our ad network.